Yesterday I got a telemarketing offer for a half price newspapers subscription, delivered to my door from one of the major dailies. Of course I signed up, beats walking to the newsagent and paying double!

The other major daily in Sydney is giving away free copies of its paper with any “value Meal” purchase at a major fast food restaurant. 

There are few examples of such substantial value add at such a deep discount, is this canny marketing, or desperation? 

The power of newspapers is in the value their distribution offers advertisers, but most people buy newspapers to be informed and entertained. The alternatives emerging over the last 5 years to be informed and entertained have profoundly altered the economics of newspapers.

The ABC seems to be grappling with the digital media, perhaps better  than the commercial media, perhaps because it does not have to worry as much about the distribution and advertising revenue. 


The business model of newspapers is going down the gurgler, could it be that these offers are the death throes, or are they just being nice, and saving me a walk.