Tom Fishburne nails it with this cartoon satirising the target market conversations that occur with monotinous regularity in many marketing/advertising offices. Many just do not get it, that to be “remarkable” to use Seth Godins term, is crucial to attracting an audience that may relate to the offering.

The days of mass marketing are over, now we need to look for the market of one and figure out how to service it. Interesting to hear yesterday on the radio a conversation about the business model of newspapers, (do they read my blogg?) and the pleading for US governmenmt assistance. President Obama  indicated that the US required a vibrant, competitive, and diverse news sector, leaving the listeners to think he may subsidise the papers to survive, as he has the auto industry.

What are the newspapers doing that is remarkable, that is attracting the consumer, and therefore offering the advertiser a point of contact? Little that is remarkable!

Somebody should show the president the cartoon.