I should comment about the Federal budget handed down on Tuesday night, it is expected, so here goes, on behalf of the small businesses I work with.

The bank is still chasing to reduce the overdraft.

Sales are still hard to get, and getting harder, and margins are being squeezed.

Creditors want their money quicker, and debtors are stretching, cash is very tight, refer to No. 1.

So what if I can get a better tax deal on capital investment decisions I make, I still need the cash to be able to make the purchase. Refer to No.1.

I also need cash to be able to meet the payroll and associated oibligations, including filling in all the b…… forms, from all the “shiny-pants” around the place who deliver me “services” of varying quality and availability. Refer to No.1.

My employees are getting pretty twitchy, and confused. Twitchy with me, because they see that things are tough, and they are concerned, for themselves, and me, and confused because it is the toughest budget in 50 years, but they just got $900 in their bank account, and the are unsure about how it is tough, so they are looking for the time-bombs.

Lets just survive this month, work on next month, then maybe we can worry about the spin if we are still here, not down the CES. As for the long term structural adjustment, etc,etc that was sprouted on Tuesday, it is undoubtably necessary, assuming there is someone left to pay the taxes, but someone should do some restructuring now, it is needed, and I think I know where to start. 

Another day, another 1/2 dollar.