Following the previous blog entry, “chief cook & bottle washer”  and a phone call from a user prompted by it, I have been thinking about the value of advice, compared to the time it takes to provide it.

Many SME owners are used to hiring extra labor they need on an hourly as needs basis, say $800/week, and that colors their response when a marketing advisor charges $1000 for what appears to be a couple of hours work.  (For many, “work” is often related to the number of things done physically, so sitting in a comfy chair, “thinking” hardly rates)

What they miss is the 30 years of experience it took to accumulate the  knowledge to be able to sift the alternatives, offer the advice.

This is particularly the case with marketing and strategic advice. People are used to paying lots to accountants, because they recognise the need, and the value, not so with marketing, which is usually more difficult, as there is rarely a clear right answer, just a range of possible courses of action.

A $1000 for 30 years experience applied to a problem seems to be a good deal.