There is a theme in the demand chain category of this blog. Wherever I go, I see the power of information transparency to improve performance, not just in commercial situations.

There is an ongoing battle in Australian education for school scorecards, anyone who seriously thinks about performance improvement of Australia’s education system comes to the conclusion that information on current performance is a pre-requisite for improvement, but the bureaucracy, and the teachers union together, but for their own reasons are making it difficult, all in the name of our childrens  education.

Bullshit. It is in the name of retaining the very comfortable status quo.

Similarly, a scorecard of hospital performance has been shown in parts of the US to have a dramatic effect on surgical outcomes. Won’t happen here, even with the seeming catalysts for change that are evident in several hospitals, Bundaberg in QLD and Campelltown in NSW amongst others.

In the event we ever get real transparency, where results can be seen, and lessons learnt, the productivity of public dollars spent on health care would improve dramatically.

Businesses and value chains that have used transparency as a management tool routinely see productivity double over time, and there is no reason the results in Healthcare and Education would not repeat  that performance.