Planning for your business takes up a lot of time and resource, which is often hard to allocate, particularly in small businesses.

It is a bit like the planning that goes into your daughters wedding, many things seem trivial at the time, but when it goes right on the day, aren’t you glad you did it?

Think about the cost (to your sanity and peace of mind) of stuffing up the flowers, or the cars on the day, and consider the relative value of a bit more planning.

Many small businesses do not spend the time planning, they are so busy getting stuff done that the time is not easily available. Often when they think about it, much of the activity that takes all the time is fixing things that have gone wrong, or take more time than necessary, that could have been mitigated by a bit of planning.

You plan your daughters wedding to the last detail, shouldn’tĀ  you do the same for your business?.