How long will it take for the politicians in this country to forge an acceptable compromise amongst all the interests in the carbon debate, and take meaningful action.? Probably forever, and  we will end up with the proverbial camel after all the compromise, and that will suit nobody.

Enter the game-changer!

Wal-Mart, the biggest retailer in the world by far, turning over more than  $US450 billion, more than most countries, has changed the game. Last week, they announced they would put carbon footprint information on display labels for all products sold in their stores. Suppliers will be required to assemble the information from their supply chains as part of their trading relationship with Wal-Mart

No recommendations, just the information, and consumers can make up their own minds.

The implications are mind-boggling.

 In one decision, by one company, the nature of the debate about climate change has been turned from one seeking a political, emotional and academic compromise to a very simple choice for the Wal-Mart supply chains, do it or face deletion from their largest customer. Multi-national suppliers, Colgate, P&G, Unilever, Mars, and many others, will suddenly have another marketing lever to use in their marketing activities, across the world.  Suddenly, weasel words in media grabs from pollies are even less meaningful than they usually are.

In Australia, Woolworths follow closely the steps taken by Wal-Mart, and what better way to put added pressure on its arch-rival Coles.

Suppliers to Woolies had better get ready!