The usual interpretation of the function of the hemispheres of the brain is that left brain types become actuaries, and right brain types become artists. How then do you accommodate Albert Einstein, a great mathematician, and a great creative brain in one, Leonardo is another, we all know some, perhaps a bit less well known than those two.

Could it be that our accepted model is wrong? Perhaps left brain types are comfortable with the status quo, the way things are, whereas the right brain types are more likely to seek a different way of looking at things, are comfortable with ambiguity, and see things in ways others do not.

Innovation has at its core a restlessness with the status quo, and it is well accepted that “dissidents” in organizations are the ones who are the catalysts to change, they also suffer a higher than average corporate mortality rate, but without dissidents, nothing new gets done, so don’t just tolerate them, attract, encourage, and reward them.