The following list was imbedded in an article “putting the I back in Alliances”   by Rosabeth Moss Canter, one of the better management thinkers around. It creates a simple list of things any successful alliance requires.

    • Individual excellence: Both sides bring strengths and neither can be expected to prop up the other.

    • Importance: The relationship must matter strategically to both sides.

    • Interdependence: You need to need each other.

    • Investment: Have a stake in the partner’s success.

    • Information: Transparency strengthens the partnership; hiding information impedes trust.

    • Integration: Create several points of contact across the organizations.

    • Institutionalization: A formal structure can aid in objectivity and ensure the partnership works for both sides.

    • Integrity: Trust is critical and ethics are a must.

     In all the work I have done in alliance formation and management, there is no time when this list would not have been of value.