What happens when you meet someone…? “where do you work” is a common conversation starter.

Someone who responds enthusiastically, extolling the virtues of their employer and the products they produce, will have a positive impact on those they meet, and the “word of mouth” that originates with that conversation can be substantial.

Conversely, an employee who expresses no confidence in their employer and products will create a negative impact, which has the potential to multiply with the telling, and after all, who is in a better position to know the real quality of a product than one who participates in the production process?

Thinking about employee satisfaction in this way puts a new perspective onto now almost standard annual employee satisfaction survey.  

Customers are cautious, advertising savvy, and cynical, so getting a message to them is very difficult.

 In a networked world, it now requires measures to develop employees as advocates for your business, as the advocacy of one person will have more impact than a 1000 TARP points in a TV advertising schedule.