A short while ago I found myself in a fairly robust debate about the merits or otherwise of the various industry “marketing & R&D” bodies that  have inhabited Australian agriculture for decades.

Dairy, meat, Horticulture, grains, all have, or have had, a range or bodies regulating and collecting levies for the so-called collective good of the “industry” .

It struck me towards the end of the conversation, which was getting a bit heated, particularly about the recent removal of the single wheat marketing desk, that the positions we were all taking bore  the hallmarks of an argument that had happened many times, the various pros & cons recited almost by habit by all concerned.

Whilst they were expressed as considered views, informed by facts, what they really were, on all sides, were recitations of a view expressed many times by rote from within the boundaries of a point of view that was unlikely to change under almost any circumstances.

Next time you find yourself reciting a mantra, go back to the basic facts, consider who benefits,  look at the location of margin and profit, and then think about the view you are comfortable with, genuinely informed by the facts.