Generating and qualifying leads is a key function that rarely receives the attention it deserve, and is rarely measured for effectiveness other than looking at sales results.

Like any process, if it can be measured against performance standards, improvements can be made, and in these interesting times, enhancing the productivity of the lead generation and qualification process can only lead to greatly enhanced outcomes.

Most leads emerge as knowledge that a firm is “in the market”¬† that is, they already buy something that you could supply, from somebody else, but if that is all you have, price is the only lever.

Before trying to sell them on your price, set out to understand why they buy, what problem does the product/service offer, how does it make their life easier? Once you know that, the selling becomes a different process, and price is less of a factor.

A sales lead is only of real value when you know why they buy, so why not set about building information on the conversion rates y0u get with differeing¬†levels of knowledge about the “why”, ie, measure the effectivenes of the lead at the first point where you ask for the order, and relate that to how much you know about the “Why”.