In a world of disruptive change, the perhaps usual path to the CEO’s office needs to be rethought.

Over the last 50 years, CEO’s have largely come from accounting and business management backgrounds, more latterly, marketing & strategy have had their shot, but in a world changing at such a huge rate, it makes sense to source the CEO from the ranks of the product and design people.

Would the US car industry be in such a mess if the top blokes came from the engineering and innovation streams, instead of from the financial side that crushed innovation under the cruel hand of spreadsheets that assumed more of the same, only better?

Elon Musk, creator of Paypal, where he took on the banks, and Tesla, the first fully electric car,  is an entrepreneur with an engineering background and a profoundly restless mind, who just believes, and who has created 3 hugely innovative businesses that destroyed the status quo. What could such a person have done at General Motors with the resources of that former giant at his disposal.