We talk about vision, mission, and all the rest, but  at a more fundamental level, evolving a point of view, shared throughout the firm,  about the “shape” and trends of the industries we are in,  and those of the industries we intersect with, is a really basic thing to do.

Having a point of view about the “green” economy enabled GE to start their “Ecomagination” program before climate change was on the general agenda, it enabled them to disrupt their own light bulb business with the compact flouro, and it drives their current efforts to rebuild their huge medical devices business by developing small, cheap, mobile devices that fulfill a more basic need in developing countries .

All this because Jeff Immelt developed a point of view, and drove it through the business as a catalyst for massive and disruptive innovation.

Have you developed a “point of view” about your industry, and the role your business will take?  Few are as influential as GE, able to change the “shape” of their industries by their actions, but it is no less important for small firms to have a point of view, and a plan to deal with the “shaping” influences as they emerge.