Our society is obsessed with the elimination of risk, even little ones that really make no difference, and we spend huge resources insuring ourselves against the possibility that something will impact on us in a way we do not like.

Local councils ban kids riding skateboards in parks, teachers ban running in the school yard, to get a permit to have a table on a footpath outside your bistro is harder than designing a nuclear device, at least the instructions for that are on the net.

What is this all about?, we spend most of our time and resources on the negative stuff, rather than the positive stuff, being different, diverse, interesting, having a go, all in the name of ensuring we do not offend anyone, ever, under any circumstances, no matter how whacky they may be.

What a way to run a country, no wonder we are in the shit.

I was telling my 28 year old son about the anti Vietnam war moratorium marches a few weeks ago. Showing my age here, but we got out and made a noise, challenged the status quo, made a difference, had a blast, and changed the world for the better,  and most people there were there for the energy, the ride, for the excitement, and as a side benefit, to meet girls.

Where is that passion now? Isn’t it time we brought some of it back, if for no reason other than we are boring ourselves to death. The flip side is what an opportunity to be noticed by being other than boring!