It is easy to create something, post it on u-tube and sit back and hope it goes “viral” giving you a turbo charged marketing program for not much money.

This rarely happens, as the punters know an ad when they see one. 

The real challenge is to first identify those who love your product, and have the propensity to shout about your services, and set about delighting them, then they may send your message viral, but even if they just talk about it over the back fence to their neighbor, they will be your marketing department. Word of mouth, around forever, is really just person to person viral marketing, and we always knew it worked, it is just that now we have person to potentially millions, and we think it should scale up arithmetically, but it doesn’t.

There is not much use telling those who do not care, or who do not care enough to do anything positive, or are satisfied where they are, so focus your attention and passion on the few who will make the difference.