Too often marketing is seen as an expense, to be cut when things are tough. Often this is an outcome of a lack of accountability for results emerging from the investment made in marketing.

It is in the interests of marketers to pro-actively take responsibility for their expenditures, figuring out ways to turn the qualitative into traceable quantitative data.

Advertising on the Box will give you a TARP level, essentially reach and frequency against a target audience, printed media will do a similar job, but after 2 generations bred to filter out unwanted advertising, how effective is that?.

By contrast, the quantitative tools embedded in other sorts of expenditures can be accounted for by the behavior generated.

Coupons in the US started in this manner, but have evolved into simply a discount. Direct response advertising can be accountable, but not all of us are up late enough to see the steak knife ads.

The web is starting to offer tools to count the behavior generated by the ads, click through, and purchase, which  have changed advertising media choices forever, it is just that most have not realized it yet.