Is it just a date, or does it signify a new beginning?

A bit of both I suspect, and forecasting the future should be left to the ladies in tents at the circus, but a couple of things we know for sure:

Firstly, the infrastructure of the world economy will undergo a profound change over the next decade as carbon management emerges as the dominating political and economic factor after the turmoil in the Middle East, and the potential that has to blow up in our collective faces. How we manage it over the next decade will impact for generations, hopefully we can avoid the short-sighted, narrow, self interested and belligerent posture that created the middle east imbroglio in the equivalent decade a century ago.

Secondly, the world is now connected,  the technical advances of the last decade will throw up huge opportunities to address the challenges and inequities we face globally, but will put many impediments in the way.

Are you ready for the ride?