Ironic isn’t it, Tiger Woods has had his squeeky clean image trashed, and in the process has dropped hundreds of millions in endorsements, but his profile has never been higher. Gossip columns, serious discussion in the business pages, piles of stuff on the net from academic analysis to jokes (some pretty funny), surely there are those out there whose products do not depend on the endorsement of the moral right.

The bloke might have his brains wired to the wrong spot, but he is a seriously great athlete, a cross-racial/cultural icon,  and he commands attention, what do you want in a spokesman?.

If I was trying to build a brand of mens grooming product, a mid price muscle car, rugged menswear, and several others, I would be getting out my cheque-book while the price was down, and the exposure was up, (‘scuse the pun)

The communication options to be leveraged are terrific, advertising is almost sure to go viral, and I can almost see it, although it may not do a lot for Tiger’s stated aspiration of saving his marriage, although the chances of that would have to be pretty thin, and I suspect of value only to the spin doctors.