Good art is never boring, it always “says” something new, irrespective of weather it is a drawing, a poem, a piece of music, a hairstyle, or anything else, it is never safe, predictable, and attractive to everyone.

Defenders of the status quo always try and put numbers on risk, but how do you put numbers on things that are new and different, and encouraging of change?

Art creates a platform, a means for people to engage, people who have nothing in common other than an appreciation of the piece of art in front of them will find a way to engage with each other, facilitated by the piece.

What an opportunity for product designers to appeal to markets that are vastly different in demographics, but in some behavioral way, very similar!

Take a risk, and engage with designers who see things differently to ypu, and most of the market, but first you need to get the defenders of the status quo to accept that  what makes them uncomfortable is good.