For a long time as a consultant, who has done a fair but of sales training in a B2B environment, I have fallen back on a foundation proposition made up of three parts.

    When planning a sales strategy to sell a product that is not a cheap disposable commodity (like paper clips)to a customer, you can only really do three things:

  1. Assist the customer increase his sales
  2. Assist the customer reduce his costs
  3. Assist the customer increase the productivity of his assets.
  4. If the product you are selling does not address at least one of these three  parameters, why would someone buy from you?

    Recently, undertaking an improvement exercise for a manufacturing client, it became clear the same three questions can be applied to any improvement process, not just sales.

    If any activity, policy, assumption, or behavioral norm does not contribute to at least one of these three outcomes for your organization  why are you still doing it? “How does that contribute to…..?” becomes a very powerful question.