Building a brand is a “one bit at a time” exercise.

Most aspiring brand managers look at Coke, Google, Microsoft, the local leader in their market, and think about how they can take them on, and win.

The process is useful, but the reality is that you can’t do it in one big bang, it is one brick at a time.

There are many metaphors, I like thinking about the process as a bike race. You need to be in there and fit, and have the support team all pulling for you, there will be ups and downs, opportunities to go faster downhill, and hills you have to really work at to get over,  but over the distance, you if build up momentum, experience, consistency, manage the risks and take the opportunities,  you may earn a place in the peloton, and if you are good enough, and your timing is right, you can get to the stage finish first. Then, there is just tomorrow.

Building a brand is similar.