It is a great pity to see Malcolm Turnbull pull the pin on politics, as he announced last night.

Whatever your persuasion, it would be hard not to agree that having someone  in the Federal Parliament who knows how hard it is to  make a dollar, what strategy, vision and purpose mean, understands the challenges of leading complex organizations to change, something about the costly friction added to the system by a focus on process rather than outcome, and simply someone who is smart, and doesn’t need the money, is a great boon to the country.

Now he will fade back into the commercial world, and the professional politicians will quietly rejoice, as there is nothing as dangerous as an outsider on the inside.

Turnbull never really fitted in, he said what he thought, and thought for himself, he bore no reverence for the status quo, and he wanted to make a difference. No wonder they could not stand him!

We are all poorer for his going, but just perhaps there will be a legacy of his short tenure, maybe someone in the joint will start to speak out in other than “polli-speak” as a result of his influence, we can always hope.