Band building is hard, it is about creating and nurturing the stories about the products that have a resonance with a section of the market to whom the story has particular relevance, that sustain the difference between yours and the others.

I like a beer, and find myself drinking Coopers a bit more, it is different, it says something about me, and what I like.

To the point.

This blog was written whilst having a coffee and a think.  The building opposite has an ad on it for Coopers beer, all it said was “brewed by beer nuts” with a photo of some beer nuts, a small Coopers logo, and a few words telling the reader that Coopers’ is a family company, that has been brewing beer for 120 years.

Lovely pun,  and it left the impression of a small company battling the giants, just so you can have a beer with a  bit of style, character, brewed with skill, integrity, and personal history. The advertisement  adds to the story of the brand, it doesn’t just try to whack us over the head with a message that pushes us to have a beer now!. While it builds awareness, the story gains a spot in our crowded lives, to be recalled when next a beer is about to be ordered.  Advertising that adds to the story of the brand, lovely.