These are sometimes used interchangeably, and they should not be, as whilst they go together, they are very different.

Visions may change, values should not, and increasingly, as we are in a world of commodity offerings, and I suspect the long term is going to belong to the few that have a set of core values that drive behavior.

Google to date has managed to keep its essentially commodity offering of search sufficiently differentiated and interesting that it dominates the scene, and is the latest in a very small group of brand names that have become verbs. However, in China, the fastest growing search market, and inevitably the biggest at some point, Google are modest sized players, so their decision to not censor search requests as per the demand of the government and risk being precluded from the marketĀ  tells us a great deal about the values of the company.

In the long term, this decision, consistent with the Google value of making information freely available to all, will benefit the business, although the short to medium term is likely to be painful financially, and disastrous for their market position in China.