It is often pretty easy recognise marketing hyperbole when we see it, particularly in a category where we have some knowledge. However, in a category where we have no knowledge, it probably is not as easy to pick the fact from the flummery, so even some of the more extravagant claims made may get through the mental fence.

Therefore, hyperbolic claims extolling the virtues of a new small car for example,  are more likely to be rejected by the men who may engage with the ad, because they largely believe they know a bit about cars, rather than  women, who believe they know little about cars, and are therefore less able to pick the BS from the facts. 

This becomes very relevant when marketing a product to a category of consumers who know a bit about the product, and are therefore going to be more critical of the message based on what they know, or believe they know about the category, so be careful of the hyperbole, it will almost always turn off potential buyers, rarely persuade them.