People stress over money, how much they have, how hard it is to make it, what others make, how much the house is worth, how much the share portfolio has tanked, and so on.

The reality is that money is just a scorecard, an entirely one dimensional method of comparing one of the many forms of wealth across individuals and institutions.

What of the other forms of “wealth”?

Friendship, good health, respect, time to follow a passion, reciprocated love, intelligent conversation, access to great books, the list goes on.

Pre-occupation with the one dimensional scoring mechanism is counter to the way humans evolved, where community, mutual assistance, and sharing were the driving forces. Our wealth of money seems to have eroded our wealth in all other respects, for all but the lucky few, or is it just the few who recognise the dilemma and work on it?.

Perhaps coincidentally, great leaders, those who appeal to our emotions, who inspire us, open our minds,  and persuade by their actions, appear to have little use for money beyond satisfying the basic needs of life.