The measure of effectiveness is the extent to which you get things done, and how well they turn out, not how well you theorise, discuss, and promise to “move forward”.

There are lots of highly qualaified,  smooth young operators out there who do a great job at the talking bit, but who actually do little, and there are lots of older, (mostly) blokes with years of experience, and innate common sense born of that experience, who may have less in the way of academic qualifications, but who are able to apply their experience and get stuff done.

The great shame is that we appear to value the former, over the latter, and as a result have lots of youngsters with multiple degrees who cannot tie their shoelaces in senior positions, and their older former mentors in many cases out to premature pasture.

Which would you rather have running things for you, an older bloke who has made his mistakes, and is unlikely to repeat them, or a youngster, full of vim, vigor, and testosterone, who will spend your money getting his experience?