Here is something that should scare the pants off any thinking Australian.

Into the last week of an election campaign notable by the lack of anything notable, apart perhaps from the diligent application to the pork barrel to marginal seats in Queensland, and a prominent economist in the US comes out with an analysis of the US economy that calls things as they are, rather than as the political comrades over the last 30 years would like Americans, (and by default, the rest of us) to believe.

The US is bankrupt, services are being cut across the board, and it is becoming clear that the baby-boomers starting to retire will drain anything that remains in  the coffers, leaving a debt to their  children too big and complex to have been attacked by those who caused it.

Back to Australia, we are not in the hole like our mates in the US, but only because we have  been more lucky with the resources we have, and the numbers of people relative to the size of the resources prize , and perhaps the reforms of both parties, starting with the Hawke government, have been prepared to start to address the disease rather than just the symptoms, albeit not necessarily seeing it that way.

I see no discussion of anything I see as fundamental to the type of country we leave our children in the narrative of this current campaign, just spin around petty nonsense, with the occasional intrusion of something important being trivialised and reduced to populist slogans.