Leadership is a subject that has filled libraries, kept researchers in businesses, and academics interested for decades. However, anyone who has been around organisations for a while probably sees it a bit more simply if they have given it any real thought.

To me, a leader needs to be able to communicate simply, and intimately (irrespective of the size of any group) a range of pretty basic things with those he/she is supposed to be leading:

This is why we are here

This is where we are going

This is why we are going there

This is how we are going to get there

This is what you can expect of me

This is what I expect of you

This is how, individually and collectively will take responsibility

This is what will happen if we fail at any of the above.

In the event that a leader “lives” all the above, others will follow, but there is little room for saying one thing, and doing another.

So much for the libraries!!