Much of the typical managers time is spent ensuring and managing compliance, ensuring the rules are followed, the standards and timetables are met.

This is all fine, and must happen, but where does the balance between compliance and engagement happen?

We are asking stakeholders, particularly employees, to bring their brains to work, but often ensuring they do not use them because there are rules in place that need to be followed.

It is becoming pretty clear that the old carrot and stick management methods do not work in an environment where creativity and the unorthodox is the priority,  to be effective, you need engagement,  you need the right side of peoples brains to be at work.

Constantly we are being called on to be innovative, creative, to think outside the box, to seek the differentiator, and participate in a “clever country” but our whole system of education from kindergarten to post graduate, our public administration, and our career planning is geared to conformity in order to get ahead.

There is a paradox here that the post industrial age economies need to come to grips with.