This is a term I commonly use to describe a management style that I believe delivers the best results to any enterprise.

In one sense, central management is loose, against a clearly articulated and understood strategic purpose, it allows line management to make decisions, determine activity priorities,  encourages mistakes by enabling calculated risk taking, experimentation, and just getting things done that delivers value to customers. 

On the other hand, management is very tight, there is a rigorous planning and risk management regime that does not weed out risk, but exposes it to scrutiny, there is a culture of quantification, but equally, recognising not everything, particularly new stuff can be easily quantified, and there is a deep commitment to continuous improvement, and all its associated disciplines.

In these circumstances, creativity will flouish without losing sight of the main game,  but it calls for the enterprise leadership to give up a key attraction for many leaders, using the office to get people to do whay you say on a daily basis.