Creating change in any organisation is a huge challenge to the capacity of an organsations leadership. Over many years of assisting in all sorts of projects, I observe it often tends to become overly complicated, perhaps over-intellectualised, so I have a simple 3 part framework that seems to work, and when a project wavers, it offers a grounding.

  1. Determine and articulate what needs to change, and why
  2. Agree and clearly communicate what it needs to change to, and what the end point looks like
  3. Build a program based on 1 and 2 against which you can drive the change, and measure progress.
  4. This framework appears to work as well for a small change to a part of a processing line to  an organisation wide culture change.

    However, the danger is that the change by threes approach is inconsistent with the need to embed a hunger for continuous improvement which is a journey for which there is no end point, into the culture, so leadership is crucial.