Only in physics, in personal relationships we seek common ground, people who under stand instinctively what we are saying and thinking, and who work the way we do.

    Collaborative teams  and alliances of many types often fail from the start because those who join, or are “volunteered” are similar, whereas in a collaborative team with a problem to solve, you need all types, and the processes to assist the management of the  group need to be a part of the consideration.

    You need at least one of each of the four behavioral extremes;

  1. Someone who is creative, out there, not too concerned with convention and how it has been done before
  2. Someone who is numbers and data driven, analytical, who seeks quantitative foundations for hypotheses and ideas
  3. Someone who just has to complete, they like to plan, and then work the plan to the end
  4. Someone who builds bridges, and can assist the relationships, both internally and with outsiders
  5. These four types will not often come together without assistance, as they are very different, they see thing  in conflicting ways, but to solve a problem, or make an alliance really work and create value for all, that’s just what you need, it is just harder to manage.