¬†Innovation programs always throw up the word “adjacency” and it has lots of interpretations, depending on who is doing the talking. So here is my two bobs worth.

Measure each of the following parameters on a 1-5 scale, (or 1-10 for a more nuanced outcome) 1 being the same as current, 5 being completely different, requiring new processes and infrastructure. Have a debate about the scores, collect more data, seek council of those with a different perspective, as it is generally a qualitative score rather than one that can be easily quantified.

  1. Channels to market
  2. Current sales force knowledge and relationships in the adjacent market
  3. Behavior of potential customers, the factors that drive their business model
  4. Existing potential customer relationships and the barriers to entry/exit in the market
  5. The nature of the competitive environment. (A “Porter” type analysis often assists here)
  6. The strength of your value proposition