On the “Insiders” show on Sunday, there was a review of the current Parliament, and how it had responded to the challenges of being ‘hung”.

Notable was the interview of the Labor leader of the house, Anthony Albanese, and the clips of his review speech on the last sitting day. He listed the achievements of the Government by reading out a list of the bills passed, 53 from memory, but who cares?

The purpose of Parliament is to make our society and individual lives better, not to pass bills, but that appears to be the metric used, and he also used the phrase “Government  53, Opposition Nil”. What in heavens name did he expect? for the opposition to be passing bills? That would really raise some comment!

How long would a MD of a commercial organisation last if he measured his performance by the number of memos written, but that is the sort of meaningless metric that the our elected representatives use to measure their performance, at least when questioned about their performance.

Irrelevent, meaningless, theatrical crap, and an absolute lack of leadership!