The “green revolution” may be denied by many, failing in the Parliament, and not engaging consumers as their utilities bills increase, but it is happening around us anyway.

The world is greening, despite the best efforts of many to avoid the issues. Because there is a dollar in it, businesses are recognising that the future will be different to the past, and are looking for ways to innovate and find opportunities to build new business models.

This list of the green initiatives  of 2010 should make us all think, and perhaps conclude that in the challenges the planet faces in managing our consumption of non recurring resources, there are enormous opportunities for innovation, and change that will enhance the quality of life of those who follow us.

To this list we could easily add the impact of the current floods in Queensland on the world price of coal, and the knock-on impacts of that on utility bills of consumers and business. Given the role QLD plays in world coal supply, there will be some re-evaluation of scenarios in  many boardrooms, and I would be surprised if the attraction of alternative energy sources, including nuclear was not considerably enhanced.