There are lots of people flogging various digitally sophisticated SEO techniques, and they appear to be making a living. However, it seems to me that after all this time most key words worth having, have been taken, registered, and everyone is following similar SEO strategies, so your generic term will not get you to the prized No.1 spot in Google, probably not into the top 10 pages.

Try putting in “Electrician Sydney” as I did recently needing someone to do some work in my house, and there were 4880 entries, taking Google’s suggestion and adding “inner west” where I live, there were 297,000 entries. Not much use, unless you happen to be the .00001% who lucks the No.1 spot, but many keep trying, and paying.

By contrast, if you invent a word , something unique, you have a better chance of coming up on the first page. The downside is that you need to make your target market aware of the word by other means, a challenge .

When you put “Strategyaudit” into Google, this blog comes up No.1, and has done so pretty much for the whole time it has been written, although Google still checks if it is a spelling mistake. My task is therefore to make the specific audience who may be interested in what I write to be aware of the name, then it is easy to find,  as all they do is put the word “strategyaudit” into Google, and there its is.

No complicated SEO strategy, simply a strategy to “own” a space of my own making, and being different, the challenge to be relevant to an audience that returns to the blog remains, no SEO can do that for me.