Linux started with a promise, one that formed the basis of what has become a major player in the server operating system market, with a current share somewhere around 45%.

    Linus Torvalds     back in 1991 posted the following message on a discussion board inhabited by systems engineers “I am doing a free operating system (just a hobby) and I’d like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions are welcome, but I won’t promise to implement them”

    Torvalds, knowingly or otherwise, tapped a vein that has proven on many occasions (  & being just two), that a community has the chance to form when several conditions are met:

  1. The community is driven by a need, or interest, rather than profit for the initiator
  2. Participation is welcome, and encouraged, but a transparent  “peer review” process dictates if the contribution will be used
  3. Recognition is offered to all participants.
  4. The promise is that these conditions will be met, and when they are not, the community fails, as did the first iteration of Wikipedia. Does yours measure up?