Sorting the approaches and options emerging for on line marketing using social tools is sufficiently complicated to make your head break.

Logically, you use the net to try and sort out what is best for you under the circumstances you face, as the net is now the first stop when seeking information.

However, when you get there, it is like an overstocked supermarket, so many alternatives, each shouting their own greatness to you, offering you everything should you make the wise decision to “use me!!!!” Amongst all the e-shouting on the net,  here is one that makes a lot of sense.

However, there is no substitute for the old fashioned marketing disciplines of understanding your customers needs, refining your offer of value to these customers, and communicating with them about how you can make their lives better, and most importantly, delivering on the promise. 

In this context, the multiplicity of tools on the web become just more means to the end of adding value, they are not the end.

When confused, take the marketing Aspirin of keeping it simple, and ensuring above all else that you deliver on your promise, even better, over-deliver,  to those few who trust you with their patronage.