Social media can be seductive, the chase for the raw numbers, without considering the quality of the numbers.

I am little different, I like to see the numbers, which whilst relatively low, are steadily building on this blog, as the scattered individuals who find value in what I write slowly find me, and offer the opportunity to engage. However, amongst those who find me are those who will never take any value, or add any value to the content and debate I try to encourage, or who just want to sell me something. No use to me, or readers of this blog, so they must be filtered out, or they dilute the value.

Analysing the numbers becomes increasingly important as they grow, because in order to engage effectively, you must filter the electronic wheat from the chaff.

There are many tools to do this, Google analytics being the best known and widely used, but for a 60 year old non techo to install it on this WordPress hosted blog proved to be difficult, until this suggestion came along.

Thanks Paul.

Hopefully I can add some value by posting the link that will assist others as it helped me.