Bosses, often¬† with no idea of marketing, and the social networks and how to engage them seem to be increasingly¬† thinking forget the TV, (good idea that in most cases) “just make a silly/funny/outrageous video, and it will go viral”.

Voila, marketing success at little cost, up go the profits.

Wish it was that easy, if it was, everyone’s’ creative baby would get a million views on U-tube, but it only happens to a few.

The basic rules of marketing and communication still need to be respected. Identify a problem for a group that your product solves better than any other, demonstrate the solution, praise the value, and build a relationship between the user and the product.

Making a video of cats that look like Hitler and dancing babies only work very occasionally, then usually only once, so be relevant. Take a look at the “virals” in Tom’s narrative of his cartoon in the link, they work!