Writing this blog for a couple of years, to a small (but increasing) audience, has made me think about Kevin Costner. Sad.

I started to write the blog, and for a long time no-one came, just as KC built the field, and no-one came. I continued to write it as a personal expression of what interested me, arguably just an indulgence that got “published” via the good folks at WordPress.

It became pretty obvious that just having the metaphorical field was not enough, there needed to be a strategy to let people who may be interested know it was there, to try and engage them and encourage them to come. Writing it was just a part of the process, important, but a means to an end, not the end itself. Being a marketer, I should have known I needed more, but was not sure what “more” was (I am after all closing on my dotage, so who could expect me to understand all this geeky stuff anyway).

SEO is not the answer, Twitter attracts a few fleeting visitors, “seagulls” in Aussie parlance, (fly in, look see, and fly off) so the answer seems to be engaging the few who return sufficiently that they respond, debate, disagree, and create content around the themes, and eventually create the themes for discussion themselves, leaving the blog just as a curator?

Long way yet, but the understanding is dawning as I engage using Strategyaudit’s blog as a door-opener.