“We will reduce the carbon going into the atmosphere, but it will not cost anyone (who votes) anything”. Sound familiar?

How about “The budget calls for increased sales and margins, which means we will have to do more with less people and put prices up “.

Never have I seen anything achieved without some sort of choice being made, even in the school yard, if you wanted to be friends with Bill, you could not be friends with Sam. Problem is, we all want it all, are unwilling to make the choices that enables stuff to get done, someone else can make the sacrifice, but not me Jack!

In 2009 Frit-O-Lay relaunched “Sun Chips”  a brand of potato crisp in bio-degradable packaging, something consumers, advocates, and uncle Tom Cobbley had been calling for long and loudly, but the trade-off was the bags were noisy! so noisy sales dropped, there was a facebook page set up to whinge, and U-Tube videos collected thousands of hits. The packaging was changed back to the old, environmentally destructive poly film.

Achieving anything requires that the objective be pursued, choices, sometimes tough ones, be made, compromises be struck, but nothing is achieved by pleasing everyone all the time.