I have been surprised  a couple of times recently when I realised that two B2B businesses I was working with really had no idea how their ultimate customers used the products  they bought from us. In both cases the products were sold through distributors, whose  paranoia about both parallel competition and losing the businesses to a slicker option, because the distribution grass is always greener, prevented them sharing information.

Both the clients concerned were spending significant resources dreaming up new products and technologies, considering process, distribution and marketing options, but were flying blind because they had no idea of what was happening currently in the labs of the final customers .

Asking them how prepared they would be to endorse a pilot putting the flaps on the plane down when he did not know how high they were now brought the obvious response, but where is the difference?

OK, you may not hit the dirt in any way other than commercially doing it in a business, but it is just as stupid.

Blind-flying appears to often be a result of the pressure of the “just do something” attitude, appear busy and stressed, and then boss will leave you alone, but doing anything without understanding the starting point is just plain dumb.