I’m thinking ahead here, to the next federal election, the one Tony thinks is already on. I suspect the communication mix of this election will be different to those that have gone before, Social Media will play a significant role, perhaps even¬† a deciding role given the lack of depth in anything the protagonists say, and the skepticism of the electorate.

Here’s why:

    1. Use of SM by over 50’s is rapidly increasing, the Boomers & 60’s generation my be opening a facebook account to see their grandkids, follow to the holiday snaps of their friends, but they are not dumb, and are rapidly exploring the other uses, and becoming enamored.
    2. TV, previously the major communication channel for pollies has faded into the background as it has fragmented, time shifted, and been overwhelmed by SM.
    3. SM is cheaper than pouring massive amounts into TV. It still costs, but the bang for your buck is potentially far better
    4. SM enables quantitative, real time measures of the effectiveness of messages, actions, and policy statements of both themselves and the opposition, allowing pollies to tailor their message in real time.
    5. The clincher, SM can be two way, voters can communicate back, and engage, an empowering experience.

Genuine engagement by the electorate may scare the daylights out of pollies, and their acolytes, but is just may be the savior of our democracy.