Procter & Gamble is a huge branded consumer business, but seems to be able to maintain the agility and innovation capability of an SME. Supermarket retailers have to be nervous when they display a determination to build a direct business model for their brands, and when they start talking about “qualified retailers” it is music to my ears, having struggled in an unforgiving Australian FMCG duopoly for years.¬† It is the other side of the coin from retailers developing their own brands beyond Housebrand status, noted previously.

P&G tried with Amazon, and the effort had its challenges, so they are quietly widening the approach¬† with this facebook collaboration, creating a new descriptor in the process, “f-commerce” and recruiting¬† Wal-mart as a “qualified retailer” (not bad for a start)

This also ticks facebooks boxes, as it is a strategy to monetarise their huge base of connections to consumers, and sets them against Amazon in the e-fulfilment business.

Poor old Microsoft, increasingly it seems to have missed the boat. Just a decade ago the US government had them in court trying to break them up to give others a chance.

What’s the old saying about roosters and feather dusters?