“Old” marketing is all about a business sending its messages out to their markets, it is what we are all used to, and it is the way much of our marketing ecosystem has evolved, outbound marketing.

The “new” marketing ecosystem is all about attracting your customers, potential customers, and brand building targets to you, inbound marketing.

But is it “new”?

Not really, trade shows which have been with us forever, are largely about inbound marketing, and marketers have always been aware of the power of word of mouth, and have sought ways to harness it. 

Inbound marketing is pretty powerful, as by the time a customer has come to you, the first couple of hurdles of awareness, and empathy that need to be cleared by outbound marketing before there is a chance of a sale, have been cleared by the customer before they meet you. They are willing to be engaged in the next stage of building a brand, or making a sale.

Social media, blogs, and all the exploding electronic  opportunities to communicate constitute the means to embrace outbound marketing. Increasingly we are seeing  research that supports the power of  these “new” marketing mediums, and whilst some remain wedded to the old ways, the future is with those who innovate in the ways they communicate.