A while ago I wrote a short post about QR codes, saying I thought they had the potential to change the way we think about marketing.

Subsequently I came across this post and video on the Social Media Examiner site, that adds to that view, and having seen them work at a trade show a week ago, as a means to capture information off the name tags of attendees, I am even more of the view, that here is something genuinely new, not just a refinement or divergent use of an existing technology.

An update from July 2013. QR codes seem to have stalled, the potential seen by marketers, myself enthusiasticly has not come to p[ass. This post by Marketing Charts details a report that looks at the numbers, and concludes that QR codes are perhaps a failing tool in the marketing arsenal.   I for one am having a bit of trouble with the conclusion, somewhere, we have missed an opportunity.