Earlier today, Sunday, about 4.45, just before the League grand final kicked off, I got a phone call on my mobile from Optus. Well, sort of phone call, it was an automated call, some recording telling me they had something important to talk to me about, and it would only take a few minutes. Once we got that far, the call was ended.

There are plenty of ways for Optus to connect with me, to market to me, after all, I have all my services with them, despite being “stiffed” recently by them, changing is all a bit hard, and the others are not any better anyway, so I just swallow hard. Like most of us.

These clowns spend millions on “marketing”, TV, radio, magazines, social media, spin doctors, franchising sales outlets, call centres, the whole 9 yards, but they clearly do not have any idea about marketing, they¬† just know how to spend money on media.

Using an automated service to ring a customer and ask for his attention on a Sunday afternoon, any Sunday afternoon, but this one?¬† to talk about “something important,” presumably to their revenue, beggars belief.

You could not make this stuff up!! How stupid can they be??